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Coordinates: 50°45′N 33°28′E / 50.750°N 33.467°E / 50.750; 33.467


Ромни, Ромны
Former bank building in Romny
Former bank building in Romny
Flag of Romny
Official seal of Romny
Romny is located in Ukraine
Romny is located in Sumy Oblast
Coordinates: 50°45′N 33°28′E / 50.750°N 33.467°E / 50.750; 33.467
MunicipalityRomny city municipality
City rights1781
 • Total65 km2 (25 sq mi)
171 m (561 ft)
 • Total40, 681
Soviet coat of arms
2001-2015 flag

Romny (Ukrainian: Ромни́; Russian: Ромны́) is a city in northern Ukrainian Sumy Oblast. It is located on the Romen River. Romny serves as the administrative center of Romny Raion. It is administratively incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. The villages of Lutschky (438 inhabitants), Kolisnykove (43 inhabitants) and Hrabyne belong to the Romny Municipality. Population: 40,681 (2015 est.)[1]


The city was founded in 902 AD. On September 16, 2002 the city celebrated its 1,100th anniversary. Romny was first mentioned in documents in 1096 (as Romen; the name, originally that of the river, is of Baltic origin, cf. Lithuanian romus 'quiet'[2]). By 1638, the city had a population of 6,000 inhabitants, which made it by far the largest settlement in the area. In 1781, the city was granted a charter by the Tsarina Catherine II.

In Romny the first statue of Taras Shevchenko was erected on 27 October 1918 when the city was located in the Ukrainian state, but it was preserved as part of the Soviet Union Ukrainization-policy's.[3] The concrete statue in Romny began to decay in the 1950's, but was remade in bronze and re-unveiled in 1982.[3] The original version of the monument is located on Kiev's Andriyivskyy Descent.[3]

During World War II, Romny was occupied by the German Army from September 10, 1941 to September 16, 1943.

In the period between 1979 and 1989, Romny's population rose from 53,016 to 57,502 inhabitants.


The cathedral of the Holy Spirit, founded in 1735 in place of a wooden church, is a four-pillared cathedral designed in the Ukrainian Baroque style and is surmounted by three pear-shaped domes, each placed on a tall cylinder. Although the cathedral dates back to the 1740s, the building of the nearby belfry and winter church was not undertaken until 1780.

Another noteworthy building is the church of the Ascension, which also has three domes, but was constructed later, in 1795-1801, and adjoins a Baroque belfry built in 1753-63.

Local government[edit]

Beside the city itself, the city municipality also serves as government for a village Kolisnykove and a settlement Luchky.

The city also has administration of the surrounding Romny Raion.


Famous people from Romny[edit]


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