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The Rompetrol Group N.V.
Traded as BVB: RRC
Industry Petroleum
Founded 1974
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania (central office)
Rotterdam, Netherlands (headquarters)
Key people
Zhanat Tussupbekov (CEO)
Products Petroleum products, petrochemicals
Revenue Increase US$19 billion (2013)
Number of employees
8,800 (2007)
Parent KazMunayGas
Slogan Energy for Life

The Rompetrol Group N.V. is a Romanian oil company, that operates in many countries throughout Europe. The group is active primarily in refining, marketing and trading, with additional operations in exploration and production, and other oil industry services such as drilling, EPCM, and transportation.

Rompetrol is the main brand of KMG International and one of the best-known and reputed Romanian origin brands on the international markets. Rompetrol brand is associated with its long history of over 40 years, initially as a company representative of the Romanian oil and gas industry on international level, becoming later an international oil group with operations in 12 countries, known as The Rompetrol Group N.V.

In 2014, the Board of Directors of the company passed a resolution whereby the The Rompetrol Group N.V. was renamed into KMG International N.V.

Changing the name of the company was part of a strategy to promote the brand KazMunayGas and capitalization of its business. The "umbrella" brand is a prerequisite for strengthening the market position of the group of companies under the brand name KMG both within the country and for its successful entry into the foreign markets.

Although the name was changed into KMG International, Rompetrol brand will continue to be used in the distribution segment of the entire company, being a strong brand both locally and internationally.

The company’s retail network that operates under the “Rompetrol” brand incorporates over 1,100 fuel distribution points in Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, in France and Spain, where the company operates also under Dyneff brand.

The company will continue a selective expansion on core markets and will further optimize its current activity inorder to enhance the Rompetrol brand on the European market; also it will continue to be the most important investment of the State of Kazakhstan on the international market.


  • Romania – 2nd largest oil company, 40% market share
  • Moldova – 3rd largest oil company, 30% market share
  • Albania – 4th largest oil company, 20% market share
  • Bulgaria – 4th largest oil company, 15% market share
  • Georgia – 5th largest oil company, 5% market share[1]
  • France – 7th largest oil company, 5% market share
  • Ukraine – 7th largest oil company, 5% market share
  • Hungary – 7th largest oil company, 5% market share
  • Spain – 10th largest oil company, 5% market share
  • Russia – 15th largest oil company, 1% market share


The Rompetrol Group N.V. is the owner of the Petromidia Refinery in Năvodari, Romania, renamed Rompetrol Rafinare S.A. which was built between 1975 and 1977 and modernized in the early 1990s, currently it has a capacity to process 14,000 tons of crude oil per day.

Rompetrol also owns Vega Refinery, built in 1904 and acquired by Rompetrol in 1999 and it is Romania's sole producer of a wide range of special boiling point spirits (SPBS), Solvents for olefins polymerization, bitumen, heating oil and catalysts for petroleum processing.

In December 2005, The Rompetrol Group N.V. acquired French oil company Dyneff S.A., taking control over its oil refining infrastructure as well as its network of petrol stations in France.

The Rompetrol Group N.V. is 25% held by Rompetrol Holding S.A.


  • 1974 – Rompetrol established as the international operator of the Romanian oil industry
  • 1993 – Privatized by Management and Employee Buy Out (“MEBO”) and turnover subsequently reduced to below $6 million by 1998
  • 1998 – Control purchased by Dinu Patriciu and a local investor group
  • 1999 – Holding company established as The Rompetrol Group B.V.(‘TRG’) in the Netherlands. First major acquisition. The Vega refinery –located in Ploieşti– is bought and doubles its revenues in the first nine months after take-over
  • 2000 – Private equity investment by US-managed Romania & Moldova Direct Fund, L.P.
  • 2000 – Rompetrol takes over Petros –at that time Romania’s principal oilfield operator. The company has since been renamed Rompetrol Well Services. The Group’s largest acquisition, Petromidia S.A., is also Romania’s largest and most sophisticated oil refinery. Rompetrol committed itself to a sustained modernization process to make Petromidia a state-of-the-art facility in Eastern and Central Europe
  • 2001 – Rompetrol creates Rominserv S.A., Romania’s first Engineering Procurement Construction & Maintenance (EPCM) company focusing on the oil industry
  • 2002 – OMV of Austria buys 25.1% of TRG NV; RMDF exits; OMV Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer joins TRG Board
  • 2002–2003 – Rompetrol opens subsidiaries in neighboring Moldova (Rompetrol Moldova) and Bulgaria (Rompetrol Bulgaria)
  • 2003 – The Rompetrol Group B.V. became The Rompetrol Group N.V.
  • 2004 – OMV takes over Petrom sells its 25.1% stake in TRG N.V. back to management
  • 2005 – Most significant Q1 results ever with net profit reaching $43 million. Rompetrol starts operations in Albania and opens a representative office in Moscow
  • 2005 – The Rompetrol Group N.V. announced the acquisition of 100% in the French company Dyneff S.A.
  • 2006 – Rompetrol opens a subsidiary in Ukraine - Rompetrol Ukraine
  • 2007 – In August 2007, the Kazakh company KazMunayGas acquired 75% of the Rompetrol shares from the owner Dinu Patriciu for around US$2.7 billion[2]
  • 2009 – In August 2009, Rompetrol opens its first two Litro fuel stations, on the A2 motorway in Romania, designed as the new premium brand of the group[3]

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