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Romsås. Grorud Church to the left
Grorud Valley, the hill of Romsås in the background

Romsås was an independent borough of the city of Oslo, Norway, until January 1, 2004, when it as a result of a merger became part of the larger Grorud borough. By 1850 Romsås was one of the biggest farms in Østre Aker and the name Romsås came from the farm. With the expansion of Oslo city after the second World War, Oslo Kommune allowed OBOS to build a new borough in 1967 and this project was started in 1969. The new borough was divided into 6 neighborhoods ( Tiurleiken, Svattjern Røverkollen, Orremyr, Emanuelfjell and the largest: Ravnkollen

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Coordinates: 59°57′54″N 10°53′35″E / 59.96500°N 10.89306°E / 59.96500; 10.89306