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Romsdals Budstikke is a daily (except Sundays) newspaper published in Molde, Norway.

History and profile[edit]

Romsdals Budstikke was established in 1843. Politically the paper is liberal and used to be a newspaper for the Liberal Party, but has been independent since 1973. The coverage area includes Molde, Rauma, Vestnes, Midsund, Aukra, Sandøy, Nesset, Eide, Gjemnes, and Fræna.[1]

Mecom owned Romsdals Budstikke until February 2009, when it was sold to the Polaris Media.[2]

In the 1970s, the paper won a circulation war with its local competitor, Romsdal Folkeblad.[3] In 2013 Romsdals Budstikke was named Newspaper of the Year in Norway.[4]

Romsdals Budstikke had a circulation of 18,648 in 2008.[1] Its circulation was 16,308 copies in 2013.[5]


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