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Birth name Bjorn Hatleskog
Also known as Kema Keur
Origin Edinburgh, Scotland
Genres Electronic music, experimental, noise music
Years active 2000–present
Labels Adaadat

Romvelope (Bjorn Hatleskog) is a Scots Norwegian experimental musician and sound artist based in London. His work explores the nature of feedback loops and, noise and interference. Romvelope's music has been released on several independent record labels including Adaadat, Seed Records, Benbecula Records, Invitro and Rolax Records. His music was also featured on the The Wire Magazine's Wire Tapper CD compilation series.[1] Bjorn Hatleskog's sound sculptures have been exhibited at the De La Warr Pavilion, [2] and the Kinetica Artfair. [3]



  • One Course Meal, 2005, Adaadat
  • Mountains of Mayonnaise, 2014, Adaadat
  • Bespoke Action Plantation, 2014, Adaadat


  • Cow'p vs Kema Keur, 2003, Adaadat


  • Seed 5x5, 2006, Seed Records
  • Fanfaronade b/w Afterclap, 2012, Adaadat
  • Catomountain b/w Hodmandod, 2013, Adaadat


  • Alba Absurdia, 2002, Benbecula Records
  • Trade and Distribution Almanac Vol. 1, 2003, Adaadat
  • Trade and Distribution Almanac Vol. 2, 2005, Adaadat
  • Trade and Distribution Almanac Vol. 3, 2006, Adaadat
  • Rolax Snax, 2007, Rolax Records
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots Juice, 2008, Invitro Records
  • Seed X, 2011, Seed Records
  • The Wire Tapper 32, 2013, The Wire Magazine
  • Fractal Meat Cuts Volume One, 2014, Adaadat


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