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Ron Taylor
Ronald Josiah Taylor

8 March 1934
Died9 September 2012(2012-09-09) (aged 78)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
OccupationProfessional diver,
underwater still photographer and cinematographer
Known forExpertise with sharks, conservation advocacy, underwater sports champion
Valerie Taylor
Valerie Taylor.JPG
Valerie May Heighes

(1935-11-09) 9 November 1935 (age 83)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
OccupationProfessional diver,
underwater still photographer and cinematographer
Known forExpertise with sharks, conservation advocacy, underwater sports champion

Ron Josiah Taylor, AM (8 March 1934 – 9 September 2012)[1][2] was a prominent Australian shark expert, as is his widow, Valerie May Taylor née Heighes, AM (born 9 November 1935).[1][3] Their expertise has been called upon for films such as Jaws, Orca and Sky Pirates.


Ron began diving in 1952, became interested in spearfishing and underwater photography and in 1965, he won the World Spearfishing Championship in Tahiti after winning the Australian Open Spearfishing Championships for four years in succession.[4][5][6] Valerie was born in Sydney, started diving in 1956 and spearfishing in 1960, eventually winning several Australian championships for ladies in both spearfishing and scuba.[4] The couple met while both were members of the St George Spearfishing Club in Sydney. They became champion spearfishers, but switched from killing sharks to filming them after becoming fascinated with marine life. They married in December 1963 at Hurstville, N.S.W., and had no children.[3] They made their living in the 1960s by making wet suits and selling underwater cameras, plus doing artwork for magazines. They were credited with being pioneers in several areas — the first people to film great white sharks without the protection of a cage or anything else during the making of the (released on video) series Blue Wilderness in January 1992, a huge milestone in ocean exploration together with South Africans George Askew and Piet van der Walt, founders of the South African great white shark cage diving industry. They also filmed the shark sequences for the film Orca.[7] They were also the first to film sharks by night.[8]


  • 1962: Ron's first major underwater film production,The Shark Hunters, made with diving and business partner Ben Cropp was filmed in 16 mm black/white, and was sold to Australian television.[4][9]
  • 1963: Shark Hunters was sold to American television. Shown on TCN9 in Sydney and repeated the following week due to popular demand.
  • 1964: Slaughter at Saumarez first Australian diving adventure to The Coral Sea aboard professional fishing boat Riversong with free divers John Harding, Bob Grounds and Ron Zangari with Captain Wally Muller.
  • 1965: Ron won the World Spearfishing Championship in Tahiti, after winning the Australian championship for four years in succession.[4]
  • 1965: A joint venture with surfing film producer Paul Witzig produces Surf Scene featuring top surfers Robert Conneeley, Russell Hughes, Kevin Brennan and Tanya Binning surfing new locations at Noosa Head and Double Island Point, Queensland.
  • 1966: The Taylors sell their shark documentary Revenge of a Shark Victim to producer Robert Raymond who wins a Logie for his adaptation with new footage.
    • The Taylors filmed The Cave Divers in the area surrounding Mount Gambier, South Australia.
    • The Taylors, assisted by diver John Harding, film and photograph a large whale shark underwater off Sugarloaf Point, Seal Rocks, NSW.
    • Ron first devised an idea of a diver wearing a full length chain-mail suit over a wet suit as possible protection against shark bite. It was more than a decade before the suit was made and tested.[4]
    • The Taylors were employed by the Belgian Scientific Expedition to the Great Barrier Reef as advisers and 35 mm underwater cinematographers, for six months, the first major educational project of this type on the Great Barrier Reef sponsored by University of Liège, Belgium.
  • 1969: Ron co-filmed Blue Water, White Death with Stan Waterman, Peter Lake and Peter Gimbel.[10] It was released internationally by Cinema Centre Films, and later MGM on DVD.[4]
  • 1974: The Taylors, assisted by Rodney Fox (above water), filmed the live shark underwater sequences for Jaws.[4]
  • 1979: The suit of chain mail was made which Valerie tested with sharks, when it was found the suit was too small for Ron.[4]
  • 1979: The Taylors filmed the underwater scenes with the principal actors and Kathy Troutt the body-double for, The Blue Lagoon.
  • 1981: While on a dive trip the Taylors discovered mining claims on several Coral Sea Islands. They brought this to the attention of the Australian Federal Government and saved these remote bird breeding islands.
  • 1982:
    • Wreck of the Yongala, a TV documentary, was made, showcasing what was then the most spectacular of shipwrecks in shallow water. It was instrumental in having the wreck protected from fishing.[4]
    • The Taylors, inspired by Cairns game fishing charter boat captain Peter Bristow, lobbied via the media, the Queensland Government and National Parks to have the potato cod of Cormorant Pass near Lizard Island protected.
    • The Taylors spent four months of 1982 in the Persian Gulf filming the underwater scenes for six educational films featuring marine life.
  • 1986:
    • Valerie was invited to Sweden to finalize picture selection for a coffee table book, The Realm of the Shark, a biographical account of the Taylors' lives between the late 1950s, and the late 1980s.
    • The Taylors supplied some of their pictures to illustrate the Jacques Cousteau coffee table book entitled Great White Shark.
  • 1992: January: The Taylors traveled to South Africa for filming on the Blue Wilderness TV series. They tested an electronic shark-repelling barrier there. With George Askew and Piet van der Walt (the founders of the South African Cage Diving industry), they became the first people to film great white sharks underwater without using a cage.
  • 1993: Shadow over the Reef, an adventure swimming with whale sharks was filmed at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. It was instrumental in preventing the test drilling for oil inside the Ningaloo Marine Park.
  • 1997: The Taylors' documentary Shark Pod was completed. They successfully used the Protective Oceanic Device invented in South Africa by Norman Starkey of the Natal Sharks Board against great white sharks, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, and other shark species.
  • 1999: Release of the film Shadow of the Shark,[11] which reviews Ron and Valerie's long relationship with the sea, and particularly their and efforts to change public opinion of sharks as mindless predators. It was directed by Tina Dalton-Hagege.
  • 2008: Ron supports the Great Australian Shark Count (Australian Underwater Federation)
  • 2012: Ron dies on 9 September 2012 at age 78, following a two-year battle with acute myeloid leukemia.[12]
  • 2014: Valerie campaigns against an Opposition Bill to remove sanctuary zones from marine parks in South Australia.[13][14]



Documentary films[edit]

Television series and movies[edit]

  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Episode 3Golden Reef (1968) – original story & Episode 57The Shark Taggers(1969) – underwater sequences[27][28]
  • Contrabandits (30 episode series), 1967–68; underwater sequences and diving instruction for cast[29]
  • Barrier Reef (39-episode series), 1971–1972; direction of underwater photography, stunt work and minor acting roles[30]
  • Taylor's Inner Space (13-episode series), 1972–1973 with soundtrack composed by Sven Libaek and narration by William Shatner[31]
  • Those Amazing Animals, 1980–1981; contributed to underwater segments[32]
  • Fortress, 1985; underwater sequences[33]
  • Blue Wilderness (6 episodes), 1992; with Richard Dennison for National Geographic and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation[34]
  • Flipper, 1995 series; underwater still photography[35]



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  • Taylor, Ron & Valerie; (1997), Blue Wilderness, Fourth Day Publishing (ISBN 0964273691) (ISBN 978-0964273696)

Awards, honours and other recognitions[edit]


Citation: For service to conservation and the environment through marine cinematography and photography, by raising awareness of endangered and potentially extinct marine species, and by contributing to the declaration of species and habitat protection.


Citation: For service to conservation and the environment as an advocate for the protection and preservation of marine wildlife and habitats, particularly the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, and as an underwater cinematographer and photographer.

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Further reading[edit]

  • Gilliam, Bret (2007). Diving pioneers and innovators : a series of in-depth interviews. Jacksonville, Florida: New World Publications. ISBN 1-878348-42-6. (includes interview with Ron and Valerie Taylor)

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