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Ron Angus (born 16 November 1956 in Hamilton, Ontario) is an author, judo coach, and a public speaker on physical fitness. He is a Rokkudan 6th degree black belt in judo and has taught and studied the sport in 15 countries. He lives in Burlington, Ontario and is married to Tracy Angus, also an international judo competitor and coach, having represented Canada over a 22-year period. He has also competed in sombo in which he was at one point ranked third in the world.[1]

Angus has acted as tournament director for the Ontario International Judo Championships, and ran the Full Circle Judo Club.[2]

Competition history[edit]

  • 23 consecutive Senior National Judo Championships
  • 11 times World Masters Champion[3]
  • Canadian Junior and Senior Judo Champion
  • Canadian Judo Team Member
  • British Judo Team Member
  • World Kubota Champion
  • Canadian National Jiu-jitsu Heavyweight Grand Champion
  • Swedish Open Champion
  • Ulster Game Champion
  • 2 time Scottish Open Champion
  • Ronin Monza Open Champion
  • All England Champion (2 times)

Representing Canada[edit]

World Judo Championships 1989 Yugoslavia,

·Kano Cup

·Shiroki Cup

·1986 Commonwealth Games

·1988 Pan American Championships

·1988 Francophone Games

·Commonwealth Championships:

·1993 Ireland (3rd), 1995 Malta (3rd)

Other awards[edit]

Angus has won national and international medals including:

·British Open 2nd

·US Open 2nd

·Scandinavian Open 3rd

·European Team Championships 5th

·Canada 3rd

·1991 World Sambo Wrestling Championships 3rd

·1992 World Games – Sambo Wrestling 3rd

·1994 World Amateur Sumo Championships

·Angus was on the British judo team from 1979-1984.


During his Judo career Angus has trained under coaches and with world champions.

Angus has also competed in or trained in Great Britain, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungry, Malta, USA, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Finland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Argentina, Denmark, Madagascar, Morocco, Austria, New Zealand and France.

Coaching highlights[edit]

Angus is part of the Provincial N.C.C.P.[clarification needed] Committee.


Angus has authored Competitive Judo for Human Kinetics' Judo series. ISBN 0-7360-5744-7.

Judo Jiu-jitsu[edit]

Angus is the creator of Judo Ontario's Judo Jiu-jitsu programme, which has as its aim making Judo more popular through:

  1. Teaching Judo's use for combat and self-defence, including holds and strikes not permitted in sport Judo tourneys
  2. Reviving early Judo competition rules that minimize stops and penalties and maximize the athletes' freedom to enjoy the sport


  • Competitive Judo: Winning training and tactics (2006), Human Kinetics, ISBN 0-7360-5744-7


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