Ron Dwight

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Ron Dwight
Ron Dwight self-portrait.gif
Born March 1, 1944
London, England
Died March 2002 (aged 57–58)
Ewing, NJ, United States
Cause of death Heart attack
Nationality English
Occupation Programmer, FidoNet coordinator
Organization Softronic Oy
Known for FidoNet Zone2 coordinator, WinRAR

Ron Dwight (England, 1944 – United States, March 27, 2002) was a programmer and coordinator of FidoNet in Europe.

Ron Dwight was the coordinator of the European FidoNet (called "Zone 2") between 1989 and 1994. This was a time when the European part of the network was blossoming and the number of members and news groups ("echomail") expanded, causing "growing pains" in some cases. Dwight was an active FidoNet leader, but his methods were not always popular and in one case lead to a schism of the largest FidoNet region of the time (Germany, called "R24"). As his successor coordinator Ward Dossche remembered, he left the office not with anger but helped the new coordinator with cooperation.

At the time of his death he lived in USA, after moving there from his long-time home in Kirkkonummi, Finland. He has been the president of the company Softronic Oy until his death, which distributed WinRAR among other services. Ron was the first to promote and sell RAR/DOS and then WinRAR outside of xUSSR countries, he coordinated RAR and WinRAR sales and promotion worldwide;[1] at Softronic he was responsible for all global sales of WinRAR.[2] (Ron distributed the RAR/WinRAR to the shareware distribution sites and his name was there as "distributor"; it may have been the source of the misunderstanding about his involvement in the project as some associated him as the writer of WinRAR.)[2]

He died due to a heart attack. FidoNews, the "official" electronic newspaper of FidoNet dedicated an issue for Ron.[3]


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