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For those of a similar name, see Ronald Fraser (disambiguation).

Ron Frazer (7 December 1928 – 8 January 1983)[1] was an Australian actor and comedian.


He began in stage revue and wrote many skits and gags for the satirical comedy series The Mavis Bramston Show, before joining the cast as a regular member in 1966, in various roles including the character Ocker and Frazer is credited with neologising the Australian slang term "ocker". In another regular routine Frazer performed in the Bramston show, he used the catchphrase "my second-best friend", and this also gained wide currency at the time.

Frazer also appeared in the Australian sitcoms The Gordon Chater Show, "Birds in the Bush" and "Father, Dear Father", which was the sequel to the British sitcom of the same name.

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