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Ron Gutman (the third from right) with Jimmy Wales, Yossi Vardi and Brad Templeton, 2009

Ron Gutman is a speaker, writer, advisor, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Gutman was a Founder of the Interactive Health company HealthTap.[1] He was removed as CEO on May 1st, 2018 amid allegations he intimidated employees [2].

HealthTap received Series A funding in 2011 from The Mayfield Fund, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Mohr Davidow Ventures.[3]

Life and education[edit]

Gutman is a serial entrepreneur who studied at Stanford University as a graduate student. While at Stanford, Gutman led a multidisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students to conduct research into personalized health and ways to increase health engagement among people and patients. The research group included faculty and students from departments across Stanford, resulting in the creation of a health and well-being engagement program at the university, BeWell@Stanford.[4]


Gutman is an angel investor and advisor to health and technology companies, including Rock Health (an Interactive Health incubator),[5] Stanford Medicine X,[6] Harvard Medical School's SMArt Initiative ("Substitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies")[7] and Massive Health.[8]

In 2006, Gutman founded Wellsphere, an online consumer health company, where he served as CEO. Wellsphere, an active community of health writers, served more than 100 million people. The site was acquired in early 2009.

Gutman founded HealthTap[9], a health technology startup, in 2010 and served as CEO until 2018.

In May of 2018, Gutman was reportedly fired from HealthTap by the board of directors. The reason, the board said in a letter to employees, was that it had finally heard too many complaints about Gutman’s inappropriate behavior inside the company.[10] The letter stated that Gutman engaged in repeated "acts of intimidation, abuse, and mistrust, and that [he] repeatedly mistreated, threatened, harassed and verbally abused employees." [11] Gutman was replaced by Bill Gossman.

Events & public speaking[edit]

A recognized thought leader in health and innovation, Gutman frequently speaks at technology and health conferences (such as TED,[12] SXSW and Health 2.0). His writing on health, technology and smiling has been published in national publications including Forbes[13] and the Huffington Post[14]


Gutman is an active leader in the TED community. In 2011, he gave a popular TED Talk on smiling, which has been translated into 46 languages.[15] The ideas presented in the talk have been dismissed by psychologists as an amateurish confusion of correlation with causation.[16] In 2012, he published a TED Book, Smile: The Astonishing Power of a Simple Act.[17] He also serves as the Curator of TEDx Silicon Valley.


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