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Ron Laskey
Prof Ron Laskey.jpg
Prof Laskey (right) presented with the 2014 Cancer Research UK Lifetime Achievement Prize by Chief Scientist Nic Jones[1]
Born Ronald Alfred Laskey
(1945-01-26) January 26, 1945 (age 72)[2]
Notable awards
Spouse Margaret Ann Page (m. 1971)[2]

Ronald Alfred Laskey CBE FRS (born 26 January 1945) is a British cell biologist and cancer researcher. He was the Charles Darwin Professor of Embryology at the University of Cambridge. In 1991, he co-founded the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research Campaign Institute (now known as the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute), along with five other senior scientists including Professor Sir John Gurdon.[4] In 2001, he founded the Medical Research Council Cancer Cell Unit in 2001,[5] and was Director of the Unit until 2010. Laskey is also a Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge.[6]

Awards and honours[edit]

Laskey received a CBE in the 2011 New Year Honours. Other significant honours include the Royal Society Royal Medal, for his "pivotal contributions to our understanding of the control of DNA replication and nuclear protein transport, which has led to a novel screening method for cancer diagnosis",[7] and the Cancer Research UK Lifetime Achievement Prize.[1]

And Now For Something Completely Different[edit]

Prof. Laskey is also the author, composer and singer of (mostely) science-based humorous songs, in the tradition of Tom Lehrer.

Various combinations of these songs were published by the Cold Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press in three records: "Songs for Cynical Scientists" (audio cassette), "More Songs for Cynical Scientists" and "Selected Songs for Cynical Scientists" (CDs). Only the last-mentioned record is still available [1]


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