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Professor Ron Morrison was the head of School of the computer science department of the University of St. Andrews and the inventor of the S-algol programming language, and co-inventor of the PS-algol and Napier88 languages. Ron is also heavily involved with local athletics, coaching the University Cross-Country team as well as young, up and coming local athletes. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

He retired from the University of St. Andrews in January 2008.[1]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Morrison, Ron (1979), On the Development of Algol (PDF) (PhD thesis), Fife: University of St Andrews 
  • Morrison, Ron (1979), S-algol Reference Manual (PDF) (tech report CS/79/1), Fife: University of St Andrews 
  • Davie, A.J.T.; Morrison, R. (1981), Recursive Descent Compiling, Ellis-Horwood, ISBN 0-470-27270-8 
  • Cole, A.J.; Morrison, R. (1982), An introduction to programming with S-algol, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-25001-3 
  • Atkinson, M.P.; Bailey, P.J.; Chisholm, K.J.; Cockshott, W.P.; Morrison, R. (1983), "PS-algol: A Language for Persistent Programming" (PDF), Proc. 10th Australian National Computer Conference, Melbourne, Australia: 70–79 
  • Morrison, R; Connor, RCH; Cutts, QI; Kirby, GNC; Munro, DS; Atkinson, MP (1999), "The Napier88 Persistent Programming Language and Environment", in Atkinson, MP; Welland, R, Fully Integrated Data Environments (PDF), Springer, pp. 98–154, ISBN 3-540-65772-X 


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