Ron Morrison

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Ron Morrison
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
EducationUniversity of St. Andrews (Ph.D., 1979)
Known forProgramming languages:
S-algol, PS-algol, Napier88; local athletics
AwardsBritish Athletics Endurance Official of the Year
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science
InstitutionsUniversity of St. Andrews
ThesisOn the Development of ALGOL (1979)
Doctoral advisorAlfred John Cole

Ron Morrison was the head of School of the computer science department of the University of St. Andrews where he worked on programming languages, inventing S-algol, and coinventing PS-algol and Napier88. He had graduated from St. Andrews with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in 1979. He is also heavily involved with local athletics, coaching the University Cross-Country team, and young, up and coming local athletes.[1] He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh,[2] and the current President of Scottish Athletics.[3]

He retired from St. Andrews in January 2008.[4]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Morrison, Ron (December 1979). On the Development of Algol (PDF) (PhD). Fife: University of St Andrews.
  • Morrison, Ron (1979), S-algol Reference Manual (PDF) (tech report CS/79/1), Fife: University of St Andrews
  • Davie, A.J.T.; Morrison, R. (1981), Recursive Descent Compiling, Ellis-Horwood, ISBN 0-470-27270-8
  • Cole, A.J.; Morrison, R. (28 January 1983). An introduction to programming with S-algol. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0521250016.
  • Atkinson, M.P.; Bailey, P.J.; Chisholm, K.J.; Cockshott, W.P.; Morrison, R. (1983). "PS-algol: A Language for Persistent Programming" (PDF). Proceedings of the 10th Australian National Computer Conference. Melbourne, Australia: 70–79.
  • Morrison, R.; Connor, R.C.H.; Cutts, Q.I.; Kirby, G.N.C.; Munro, D.S.; Atkinson, M.P. (1999). "The Napier88 Persistent Programming Language and Environment". In Atkinson, M.P.; Welland, R. (eds.). Fully Integrated Data Environments (PDF). Springer. pp. 98–154. ISBN 3-540-65772-X.

Coaching and officiating[edit]

Morrison has coached many athletes,[1] including Andrew Lemoncello[5] and Derek Rae.[6] He received the Endurance Official of the Year award at British Athletics 16th annual Officials Conference in April 2019.[7][8]


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