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His Excellency
Ron Prosor
Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations
Assumed office
8 June 2011
President Reuven Rivlin
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Preceded by Meron Reuben
15th Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom
In office
President Shimon Peres
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Benjamin Netanyahu
Preceded by Zvi Heifetz
Succeeded by Daniel Taub
Personal details
Born 11 October 1958
Kfar Saba, Israel
Alma mater Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Occupation Diplomat, writer, columnist
Religion Judaism

Ron Prosor (Hebrew: רון פרושאור; born 11 October 1958)[1][2] is an Israeli diplomat, writer, and columnist. He currently serves as Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He has previously served as Israel's Ambassador to the United Kingdom, and Director-General of Israel's Foreign Ministry.[3]

Diplomatic career and previous postings[edit]

With almost three decades of experience at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Prosor has carved out an international reputation as one of Israel’s most distinguished diplomats. His overseas service also includes roles in Washington, Bonn, and London.

Between 2004 and 2007 Mr. Prosor served as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, overseeing the work of the Foreign Ministry during the disengagement from Gaza in 2005.

Before arriving to the United Nations, Mr. Prosor served as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, where he earned plaudits for his articulate and forthright defense of Israel's position, publishing numerous articles throughout the British press and appearing on television outlets including the BBC and Sky News. Mr. Prosor also addressed a wide range of audiences throughout the country, including at universities and think tanks.

Permanent Representative to the United Nations[edit]

Ambassador Prosor gives a speech at the UN General Assembly.

Since becoming Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Prosor has continued to be an outspoken proponent for the State of Israel. He is renowned for his erudite and forthright speeches on a diverse range of topics from security to development.

A prolific writer and commentator, Mr. Prosor has published in leading international publications, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and appeared regularly on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Since becoming Israel’s envoy to the UN, Mr. Prosor has held a series of notable positions, including Vice President of the General Assembly and Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Mr. Prosor called for the first-ever General Assembly session on Antisemitism and oversaw the adoption of two landmark resolutions on entrepreneurship and agriculture that passed with an overwhelming majority.

Ambassador Prosor Presents his credentials to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

On June 8, 2012 Ambassador Prosor was elected as a Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Media commentary[edit]

He is a prolific writer and commentator on Israel and the Middle East. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post,[4][5] The Daily Telegraph,[6][7][8][9][10][11] The Times,[12] The Sun[13] and The Guardian.[14][15][16]


As an officer in the Artillery Division of the IDF, Mr. Prosor attained the rank of Major and he is a graduate of the IDF Battalion Commanders. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, graduating with distinction. Prosor is married to Hadas and they are the proud parents of Lior, Tomer and Oren, and doting grandparents to baby Amit.


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