Ron Robertson-Swann

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Ron Robertson-Swann
Born 1941 (1941) (age 75)
Sydney, Australia
Nationality AustraliaAustralian
Education Saint Martin's School of Art, London
Known for Sculpture
Notable work 'Vault', Melbourne
Awards Order of Australia Medal (OAM )

Ron Robertson-Swann OAM (born 1941, Sydney), is an Australian sculptor, best known for his controversial abstract public sculpture Vault (1980).[1][2] His sculpture has been described as being in the Anthony Caro style,[3] which he adopted after studying at Saint Martin's School of Art, London, in the 1960s. He studied under Lyndon Dadswell and was an assistant to Henry Moore.[4] He is Head of Sculpture at the National Art School and is the artistic adviser to the popular annual exhibition Sculpture by the Sea.[5] He was a founding member of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council[6] and has won numerous awards including the Comalco Invitational Sculpture Award, the Transfeld Prize and the Alice Prize.[6]

Graeme Sturgeon, the pre-eminent Australian sculpture historian and critic, described Robertson-Swann in 1980 as "the most consistent of the Classic Formalist, that is, the one most concerned to produce a sculpture which, while obviously of its era, transcends considerations of style in search of a timeless sense of rightness."[4]


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