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Ron Rosedale M.D. is a medical professional, specializing in nutritional and metabolic medicine whose key areas of work are diabetes and diet.[1] He is also the author of book the Rosedale Diet. He is an alumnus of Northwestern University School of Medicine, 1977. He is based in Denver, Colorado.[2]


Dr. Rosedale the founder of the Rosedale Center, co-founder of the Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine (Boulder, CO USA) and founder of the Carolina Center of Metabolic Medicine (Asheville, NC).[3] One of Dr. Rosedale's patients, inspired by his own success with the program publishes and distributes "Heart Support of America," which advocates Dr. Rosedale's metabolic approach to reversing heart disease. This patient is also founder and president of "Heart Support of America," a national non-profit organization.


Rosedale wrote the book The Rosedale Diet, which covers treatment and diet for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases of aging. Dr. Rosedale has also been featured in Stephen Sinatra, MD’s health letter titled "HeartSense," in addition to being a subject of various newspaper articles.

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