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Ron Sakolsky is a scholar who writes about the intersection between anarchy and surrealism, exploring such subjects as radical history, art, music, and pirate radio. Sakolsky is Emeritus Professor of Public Policy at the University of Illinois at Springfield. For more than twenty years he taught at the university on music and social justice issues, originally attracted by its innovative and radical courses. In 1995 he was one of two faculty members arrested while distributing leaflets objecting to the destruction of the faculty union, in the takeover of the University by the University of Illinois in a restructuring of higher education.[1]

He is a frequent broadcaster and guest on community and pirate radio shows, and contributes music reviews, essays and criticism to many music periodicals such as The Beat, a magazine devoted to the music of the African diaspora, LiP Magazine, and to various anarchist publications including Fifth Estate, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, Social Anarchism, Green Anarchy and EnDehors. He has also authored books and internet texts on pirate and community radio that have been a significant contribution to the pirate radio and micro-broadcasting movement.[citation needed]



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