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Ron Walotsky (born in Brooklyn in 1943 and died on July 29, 2002) was a science fiction and fantasy artist who studied at the School of Visual Arts. He began a long and prolific career painting book and magazine covers starting with the May 1967 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. His first book cover was for Living Way Out by Wyman Guin.[1] He would go on to do covers for Stephen King, Anne Rice,[2] Bruce Sterling, Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg and many others. He was also nominated for the Chesley Awards twelve times.[3] Some of his art is collected in Inner Visions: The Art of Ron Walotsky (2000).

Walotsky has illustrated cards for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game. Ron Walotsky also did an oil painting to be used as a poster for Dorothy Dietrich, a well known magician and curator of The Houdini Museum In Scranton, Pa.

Here is a list of all the issues of F&SF that Ron painted the covers of:
--Planetoid Idiot (Phyllis Gotlieb), May, 1967.
--Reduction in Arms (Tom Purdom), August, 1967.
--Stranger in the House (Kate Wilhelm), February, 1968.
--The Consciousness Machine (Josephine Saxton), June, 1968.
--The Fangs of Trees (Robert Silverberg), October, 1968.
--Calliope and Gherkin and the Yankee Doodle Thing (Evelyn E. Smith), March, 1969.
--An Adventure in the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness (Vance Aandahl), August, 1969.
--20th Anniversary, October, 1969.
--The Fatal Fulfillment (Poul Anderson), March, 1970.
--Making Titan (Barry N. Malzberg), July, 1970.
--The Bear with the Knot on his Tail (Stephen Tall), May, 1971.
--Jack of Shadows (Roger Zelazny), July, 1971.
--Jack of Shadows (Roger Zelazny), August, 1971.
--McGillahee's Brat (Ray Bradbury), January, 1972.
--Son of the Morning (Gotlieb), June, 1972.
--The Brave Free Men (Jack Vance), July, 1972.
--Doctor Dominoe's Dancing Doll (Hal R. Moore), December, 1972.
--Closed Sicilian (Barry N. Malzberg), November, 1973.
--Not a Red Cent (Robin Scott Wilson), December, 1973.
--The Star of Stars (Robert F. Young), March, 1974.
--A Father's Tale (Sterling E. Lanier), July, 1974.
--Venus on the Half-Shell (Kilgore Trout), December, 1974.
--The Black Hole Passes John (John Varley), June, 1975.
--The Samurai and the Willows (Michael Bishop), February, 1976.
--Ghost of a Crown (Sterling E. Lanier), December, 1976.
--The Syndicated Time (Sterling E. Lanier), #326, July, 1978.
--Palely Loitering (Christopher Priest), #332, January, 1979.
--Extraordinary Voyages of Amelie Bertrand (Joanna Russ), #340, September, 1979.
--Lord Valentine's Castle (Robert Silverberg), #342, November, 1979.
--The Autopsy (Michael Shea), #355, December, 1980.
--The Thermals of August (Edward Bryant), May, 1981.
--The Tehama (Bob Leman), December, 1981.
--The Doors (Barbara Owens), November, 1984
--Midnight Snack (Vance Aandahl), #419, April, 1986.
--The Cold Cage (Ray Aldridge), February, 1990.
--Dr. Pak's Preschool (David Brin), July, 1990.
--Gate of Faces (Aldridge), April, 1991.
--Tree of Life, Book of Death (Grania Davis) March, 1992.
--Bridges (de Lint), October-November, 1992.
--Busy Dying (Brian Stableford), February, 1994.
--The Spine Divers (Ray Aldridge), June, 1995.
--Candle in a Bottle (Carolyn Ives Gilman), October-November, 1996.
--Reading the Bones (Sheila Finch), #558, January, 1998.
--The Island in the Lake (Phyllis Eisenstein), #568, December, 1998.
--The Hestwood (Rob Chilson), #572, April, 1999.
--The Diamond Pit (Jack Dann), #596, June, 2001.
--On Skua Island (John Langan), #598, August, 2001.
--The Mask of the Rex (Richard Bowes), #606, May, 2002.
--Soul Pipes (Ray Aldridge), #612, December, 2002.


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