Ron van den Beuken

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Ron van den Beuken
Birth name Ron van den Beuken
Born (1970-04-10) 10 April 1970 (age 47)
Origin Horst, Netherlands
Genres Dance
Occupation(s) DJ
Record producer
Years active 2003–present

Ron van den Beuken (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈrɔn vɐn dɛm ˈbøː.kə(n)]; born 10 April 1970 in Horst) is a Dutch DJ and record producer.[1][2][3]

Music career[edit]

Van den Beuken attended the Conservatorium Maastricht and Maastricht University, where he studied in law. It was also there he became interested in dance music by coincidence.

After graduating, Van den Beuken began his music career in 2000. He released his first album, Feel It, which reached the top of the Dutch music chart and stayed there for several weeks. His follow-up track, "Keep it Up," was a top-ten hit in Scandinavia.

After this initial success, Van den Beuken ventured into different projects, including his first trance production, "Shane" and "C'Est Musique." He then produced "The Mystery," which has since been released in countries all over the world, and reached the top 75 in the UK. "Devotion (All I ever wanted)" also reached the top 75 in the UK.

In 2003, Van den Beuken introduced the track "Clokx", covering the track Clocks from Coldplay, which reached the top of several dance-charts around the world, and entered the Dutch top 100 Sales Chart. His record "Timeless," which followed soon after, was his breakthrough track—it stayed in the Dutch top-100 for 15 weeks.

The next album, Overdrive, reached the top many dance-charts[which?] and became his first Top-40 cross-over hit. Van den Beuken also produced "Twister," in collaboration with Sander van Doorn (Mr Sam Sharp), and a remix for the Randy Katana hit "In Silence".

Van den Beuken's next record, "Endless," topped the dance-charts and reached the top-100 in the Dutch sales-charts. This was followed by "Feelings", produced with Clokx, which also reached the top-100 sales charts. Van den Bueken stole the melody of the track from an early 90s video game called SkyRoads and to this day does not acknowledge this fact.[which?]

Soon after "Clokx", Ron produced the track "Sunset". The track reached #22[which?], making it Van den Beuken's biggest hit to date.

Lately Ron produced a new track for the Clokx project, called "Tibet". It reached the top50 sales charts. His song "Tibet," released in October 2005 spent several weeks at the top of the charts in the Netherlands. After Tibet, Ron van den Beuken released "Find a Way" and also the remake of "Mary go Wild," both of which reached #1 in the official dance-trends TOP-30.

Also Ron van den Beuken released the remake of Mary go Wild from Grooveyard, again number 1 in the Dance-charts and a commercial hit. After this he start organizing the Open Air Dance Festival Alcatrazz (

He produced the Erik-E mix of the King Amir Samirs Theme, and also he did the Superstar DJ projects like "Meet her at the Loveparade" and "Resurrection by PPK". In April 2008, his first solo album was released, Collected.

In May and June 2008, van den Beuken (himself a conductor for 12 years) was invited by the Royal Symphonic Orchestra LSO to do 5 concerts in the Netherlands. He also organized a new Alcatrazz festival, June 2008, with over 35 international DJs, live acts from UK, 5 stages, and over 6000 visitors.


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