Ronald Fream

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Ronald Fream
(golf course architect)
Santa Rosa, California, United States
OccupationGolf course architect
Known forHaving developed golf courses in various continents

Ronald Fream (born 1943) is an American golf course architect.

He worked as an assistant designer with Robert Muir Graves and with the Australian professional golfer Peter Thomson. Having developed about 150 golf courses across 65 countries, Ron Fream worked as the chief architect of Zion Hills golf course of Confident Group of Companies in Karnataka, his first project in India.[1] As of 2017, Ronald Fream is living in Johor Bahru in Malaysia where he has designed nine layouts.[2]

Selected publications[edit]

Ronald Fream has authored more than 100 articles on diverse aspects of golf course economics, safety, planning and design. Listed here are few selected articles by him.[3]

  • Fream, Ronald. "Tee Off with Creative Planning." Parks and Recreation (1975).
  • Fream, Ronald - Bringing Golf Links Up to Par - (1976)
  • John Millhouse, "Golf Courses and Our Water Resources", Ronald Fream's Golfplan (1997)
  • Fream, RONALD W - "Do You Have Green Creep?." PARKS AND RECREATION-WEST VIRGINIA- 36.6 (2001): 54-63.
  • Fream, Ronald W - "Keep trees on course." Grounds Maintenance (2001).


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