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Ronald Charles Andrew Hines (20 June 1929 – 28 March 2017) was a British television actor. He was born in London.[1]

He had a lengthy career, but possibly his best-known role was as the husband in three of the four series of Not in Front of the Children. He also appeared on Jackanory several times, usually narrating stories about the Wombles. He also starred in the 1959-60 sitcom Tell It to the Marines.

In 1988 he played Home Secretary Henry Matthews in the TV film Jack the Ripper which starred Michael Caine.

He also appeared in a number of films, starting with Dunkirk in 1958 and finishing with Rough Cut in 1980. All of his subsequent screen roles have been on television rather than in films.

Hines died in Midhurst, West Sussex, England, on 28 March 2017, at age 87.[2]

Selected TV and filmography[edit]


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