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The Honourable

Ronald Cheffins
Ronald Ian Cheffins

Occupationlawyer, judge, law/political science professor
Known forBeing a Canadian Constitutional expert and the first lawyer appointed directly to the British Columbia court of appeal (1985)

The Honourable[2] Ronald Ian Cheffins (born in 1930;[3] PhD; retired) is a professor emeritus of political science and law and the University of Victoria.[4][5][6] He was the first lawyer to be appointed directly to the British Columbia court of appeal in 1985.[7] He held the seat until resigning 2 years later in 1987 to return to legal and scholarly practice after finding judicial work too "uncongenial".[8][9] In 1991 he served as the Vice-Chair[10] on the Law Reform Commission of British Columbia.[8][11][12] He is an expert on the Canadian Constitution[2][13] and has advised five past lieutenant-governors.[14][15][16] He is a weekly Friday guest on CFAX 1070's Adam Stirling show, where he discusses both local and world politics.[17][18]

20th century[edit]

In 1953, Cheffins was appointed as a Special Commissioner for taking Affidavits within the province of British Columbia by Lieutenant-Governor Clarence Wallace.[19] In 1955, Cheffins graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Laws,[20][21] before continuing his studies at the university.[22]


Cheffins authored The Royal Prerogative and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor in 2000,[23] a paper which has been used as a reference in multiple additional papers and books.[24][25]

Further reading[edit]

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