Ronald Turpin

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Ronald Turpin
Born April 29, 1933
Ottawa, Canada
Died December 11, 1962 (aged 29)
Toronto, Canada
Cause of death Execution by Hanging
Criminal charge Capital Murder
Criminal penalty Death Sentence
Criminal status Deceased

On 11 December 1962 Ronald Turpin, 29, was one of the two last people to be executed in Canada.[1] The other prisoner was Arthur Lucas who was executed alongside Turpin at the Toronto (Don) Jail. Turpin had been convicted of the murder of Metropolitan Toronto police officer Frederick Nash. Nash had pulled Turpin over for a broken taillight while the latter was fleeing a robbery.[2] The method of execution was hanging, the only form of civilian capital punishment ever used within Canada, although the Canadian military employed execution by firing squad. In 1976, capital punishment for murder was removed from Canada's Criminal Code, although it remained in the National Defence Act until 1998.


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