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The Ronchetti Cup (called till 1996 European Cup Liliana Ronchetti) was an annual women’s basketball European club competition held by FIBA between the years 1972 and 2002. It was the second competition in European basketball, after the European Cup For Women’s Champions Clubs (later renamed EuroLeague Women). It was replaced in 2003 by the EuroCup Women which is the absolute equivalent.


Liliana Ronchetti and European basketball[edit]

Liliana Ronchetti started playing basketball in Como, Italy at the age of 20. Ronchetti, or Lily as she was called by her team mates, won 4 consecutive national titles with Como in the 1950s and played 83 games for the Italian national team.

One year after she quit basketball Lily died of cancer. Her name has persisted through the European Cup Liliana Ronchetti (renamed in 1996 more simply Ronchetti Cup). This competition was created by FIBA in 1974 as the second European competition for women’s clubs.

Ronchetti winners[edit]

Year Place
(for a single game)
Winner Runner-Up 1st game 2nd game
1972 - Soviet Union Spartak Leningrad Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Voždovac 84-63 86-61
1973 - Soviet Union Spartak Leningrad Czechoslovakia Slavia VŠ Praha 64-55 76-37
1974 - Soviet Union Spartak Leningrad Italy GAES Sesto San Giovanni 68-58 57-65
1975 - Soviet Union Spartak Leningrad Bulgaria Levski Sofia 64-59 79-54
1976 - Czechoslovakia Slavia VŠ Praha Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Industromontaza Zagreb 68-51 73-78
1977 Italy Rome Soviet Union Spartak Moscow Bulgaria Minyor Pernik 97-54
1978 Bulgaria Haskovo Bulgaria Levski Sofia Czechoslovakia Slovan ChZJK Bratislava 50-49
1979 Bulgaria Yambol Bulgaria Levski Sofia Bulgaria DFS Maritza Plovdiv 70-69
1980 Bulgaria Pernik Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Montmontaža Zagreb Bulgaria DFS Maritza Plovdiv 82-76
1981 Italy Rome Soviet Union Spartak Moscow Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Montmontaža Zagreb 95-63
1982 Austria Linz Soviet Union Spartak Moscow Czechoslovakia Kralovopolska Brno 89-68
1983 Italy Mestre Hungary BSE Budapest Soviet Union Spartak Moscow 83-81 (2 OT)
1984 Hungary Budapest Italy SS Bata Rome Hungary BSE Budapest 69-59
1985 Italy Viterbe Soviet Union CSKA Moscow Italy SISV Bata Viterbo 76-64
1986 Spain Barcelona Soviet Union Dynamo Novosibirsk Hungary BSE Budapest 81-58
1987 France Wittenheim Soviet Union Daugava Riga Italy B.F. Deborah Milan 87-80
1988 Greece Athens Soviet Union Dynamo Kiev Italy B.F. Deborah Milan 100-83
1989 Italy Florence Soviet Union CSKA Moscow Italy B.F. Deborah Milan 92-86
1990 - Italy Parma Primizie Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jedinstvo Aida Tuzla 79-54 71-77
1991 - Italy Gemeaz-Cusin Milan Italy Como Jersey 94-76 58-69
1992 - Italy Estel Vicenza Italy Trogylos Priolo 78-67 76-69
1993 - Italy Lavezzini Basket Parma Poland TS Olimpia Poznan 91-62 71-70
1994 - Italy Ahena Cesena Italy Lavezzini Basket Parma 78-65 66-68
1995 - France CJM Bourges Basket Italy Lavezzini Basket Parma 56-47 56-53
1996 - France Tarbes GB Italy Basket Alcamo 81-63 82-63
1997 - Russia CSKA Moscow Italy Lavezzini Basket Parma 72-54 71-59
1998 - Hungary Gysev Ringa Sopron France ASPTT Aix-en-Provence 70-65 72-70
1999 - Spain Caja Rural Las Palmas Israel A.S. Ramat-Hasharon 72-79 64-54
2000 - Italy Lavezzini Basket Parma Spain Caja Rural Las Palmas 64-60 63-56
2001 - Italy Famila Schio Turkey Botaş SK 75-73 87-70
2002 - Italy Famila Schio France Tarbes GB 73-69 77-74

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