Ronde van Overijssel

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Ronde van Overijssel
Race details
Date May
Region Overijssel, Netherlands
English name Tour of Overijssel
Local name(s) Ronde van Overijssel
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single day race (except 2012)
Short stage race (2012)
First edition 1952 (1952)
Editions 65 (as of 2017)
First winner  Piet Smit (NED)
Most wins  Michel Stolker (NED)
 Herman Snoeijink (NED)
 Jan Spijker (NED)
(2 wins)
Most recent  Nicolai Brøchner (DEN)

Ronde van Overijssel (English: Tour of Overijssel) is an elite men's road bicycle racing event held annually in Overijssel, Netherlands and sanctioned by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union.

The event is UCI 1.2 rated,[1] and is part of the UCI Europe Tour. In 2012, the race was expanded to two days for its 60th anniversary,[2] but reverted to a single-day race in 2013. The race has been dominated by home riders; only 6 of the race's 65 editions have been won by non-Dutch riders: Tayeb Braikia in 1998, Brett Lancaster in 2002, Reinardt Janse van Rensburg in 2010, Dennis Coenen in 2014, Aidis Kruopis in 2016 and Nicolai Brøchner in 2017.


Rider Team
1952 Netherlands Smit, PietPiet Smit (NED)
1953 Netherlands Stolker, MichelMichel Stolker (NED)
1954 Netherlands Snijder, MickMick Snijder (NED)
1955 Netherlands Stolker, MichelMichel Stolker (NED)
1956 Netherlands Niesten, CoenCoen Niesten (NED)
1957 Netherlands Damen, PietPiet Damen (NED)
1958 Netherlands Scholten, HarryHarry Scholten (NED)
1959 Netherlands Maliepaard, BasBas Maliepaard (NED)
1960 Netherlands Janssen, JanJan Janssen (NED)
1961 Netherlands van der Horst, PietPiet van der Horst (NED)
1962 Netherlands Cornelisse, HenkHenk Cornelisse (NED)
1963 Netherlands van Dongen, LeoLeo van Dongen (NED)
1964 Netherlands Karstens, GerbenGerben Karstens (NED)
1965 Netherlands van Kemenade, AdAd van Kemenade (NED)
1966 Netherlands Vianen, GerardGerard Vianen (NED)
1967 Netherlands Blom, TedTed Blom (NED)
1968 Netherlands Krekels, JanJan Krekels (NED)
1969 Netherlands Solaro, BartBart Solaro (NED)
1970 Netherlands Cornelissen, JohnJohn Cornelissen (NED)
1971 Netherlands de Smit, CharlesCharles de Smit (NED)
1972 Netherlands van Pol, JoJo van Pol (NED)
1973 Netherlands Aling, JanJan Aling (NED)
1974 Netherlands Lenferink, JanJan Lenferink (NED)
1975 Netherlands van Helvoirt, WilWil van Helvoirt (NED)
1976 Netherlands Hassink, ArieArie Hassink (NED)
1977 Netherlands Schür, FritsFrits Schür (NED)
1978 Netherlands Snoeijink, HermanHerman Snoeijink (NED)
1979 Netherlands Versluis, AdAd Versluis (NED)
1980 Netherlands Snoeijink, HermanHerman Snoeijink (NED)
1981 Netherlands Feiken, JanJan Feiken (NED)
1982 Netherlands Alberts, JosJos Alberts (NED)
1983 Netherlands Spijker, JanJan Spijker (NED)
1984 Netherlands Spijker, JanJan Spijker (NED)
1985 Netherlands Schurer, EddyEddy Schurer (NED)
1986 Netherlands Harmeling, RobRob Harmeling (NED)
1987 Netherlands Cordes, TomTom Cordes (NED)
1988 Netherlands Vos, JohnJohn Vos (NED)
1989 Netherlands Duin, PierrePierre Duin (NED)
1990 Netherlands Hoffman, TristanTristan Hoffman (NED)
1991 Netherlands van Veenendaal, FrankFrank van Veenendaal (NED)
1992 Netherlands Teuben, TonnieTonnie Teuben (NED)
1993 Netherlands van Steen, MartinMartin van Steen (NED)
1994 Netherlands Gosink, BennieBennie Gosink (NED)
1995 Netherlands de Koning, LouisLouis de Koning (NED)
1996 Netherlands Theus, AnthonyAnthony Theus (NED)
1997 Netherlands Kemna, RudieRudie Kemna (NED)
1998 Denmark Braikia, TayebTayeb Braikia (DEN)
1999 Netherlands van de Meulenhof, WimWim van de Meulenhof (NED)
2000 Netherlands Boom, BartBart Boom (NED)
2001 No race due to Foot-and-mouth outbreak
2002 Australia Lancaster, BrettBrett Lancaster (AUS)
2003 Netherlands van Katwijk, AlainAlain van Katwijk (NED)
2004 Netherlands Mouris, JensJens Mouris (NED) Axa Cycling Team
2005 Netherlands Wallaard, ArnoArno Wallaard (NED)
2006 Netherlands Möhlman, PeterPeter Möhlman (NED)
2007 Netherlands Bos, MarcoMarco Bos (NED)
2008 Netherlands Chaigneau, RobinRobin Chaigneau (NED)
2009 Netherlands van Hummel, KennyKenny van Hummel (NED) Skil–Shimano
2010 Netherlands Vissers, JobJob Vissers (NED)
2011 Netherlands Haan, WouterWouter Haan (NED)
2012 South Africa Janse van Rensburg, ReinardtReinardt Janse van Rensburg (RSA) MTN–Qhubeka
2013 Netherlands Vermeer, TomTom Vermeer (NED) Cycling Team Jo Piels
2014 Belgium Coenen, DennisDennis Coenen (BEL) Leopard Development Team
2015 Netherlands Vermeulen, JeffJeff Vermeulen (NED) Cyclingteam Jo Piels
2016 Lithuania Kruopis, AidisAidis Kruopis (LIT) Verandas Willems
2017 Denmark Brøchner, NicolaiNicolai Brøchner (DEN) Riwal Platform


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