Rondo in C minor (Chopin)

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The Rondo in C minor, Op. 1, for solo piano is Chopin's first published work, published in 1825,[1] and dedicated to "Madame de Linde", a family friend with whom Chopin played duets.[2] The piece contains an "unorthodox (but entirely logical) tonal scheme".[1] The first phase begins in C minor, moving into E major, A major, then back to C minor. The second phase moves to D major, finishing in C minor for a final statement of the theme.[1]

The composition is considered somewhat weak, especially when compared to his later works. It was first published under the title "Adieu à Varsovie" ("Farewell to Warsaw").[2]

Robert Schumann wrote of it in 1832:

"Chopin's first work (I believe firmly that it is his 10th) is in my hands: a lady would say that it was very pretty, very piquant, almost Moschelesque. But I believe you will make Clara study it; for there is plenty of spirit in it and few difficulties. But I humbly venture to assert that there are between this composition and Op. 2 two years and twenty works."[2]


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