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seen by the cabin Rondvassbu.
Location Rondane
Coordinates 61°53′59″N 9°48′6″E / 61.89972°N 9.80167°E / 61.89972; 9.80167Coordinates: 61°53′59″N 9°48′6″E / 61.89972°N 9.80167°E / 61.89972; 9.80167
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 3.7 km
Surface area 0.9556 km2 (240 acres)[1]
Surface elevation 1,167 m (3,829 ft)
References [1]

Rondvatnet is a narrow lake in Rondane National Park. By the southern end is the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association's cabin Rondvassbu. Rondvatnet separates the eastern part of Rondane from the western part, Smiubelgen.

In the summer season there is a boat service on the lake transporting hikers between the southern and northern end.

The name[edit]

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