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Ronit Matalon (Hebrew: רונית מטלון, born 1959) is an Israeli fiction writer.


Matalon was born in Ganei Tikva, Israel, the daughter of Egyptian-Jewish immigrants. Matalon studied literature and philosophy at Tel Aviv University and worked as a journalist for Haaretz newspaper, where she covered Gaza and the West Bank between 1987 and 1993.[1] She is a resident of Tel Aviv and teaches literature at the University of Haifa.[2] She also taught at the Camera Obscura school for the arts in Tel Aviv.

Matalon is an important feminist-oriental voice in contemporary Hebrew literature, and has published essays on the desire to portray alternative eastern-western characterizations, to the categorizations in existing Israeli literature.

Matalon is also a liberal social activist, and has participated in demonstrations organized by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. She is a member of the Art and Culture Council of the Ministry of Education, and the Forum for Mediterranean Culture at the Van Leer Institute. In 2003, she was a co-petitioner to the Supreme Court of Israel to investigate the assassination of Salah Shehade.[3]

Awards and honors[edit]


An illustration by Ruth Zarfati (he) for the book A Story that Begins with a Snake's Funeral
  • Strangers at Home (1992)
  • A Story that Begins with a Snake's Funeral (1994, children's book)
  • The One Facing Us (1995)
  • Sarah Sarah (2000)
  • Reading and Writing (2001)
  • Bliss (2003) [10]
  • Uncover Her Face (2005)
  • The Sound of Our Steps (2008)[11]


  • "Weddings and Anti-Weddings", Haaretz, 2008[12]


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