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Ronn McFarlane (born 1953) is an American lutenist and composer.

Life and career[edit]

Ronn McFarlane was born in West Virginia and grew up in Maryland. He began playing guitar as a teenager and went on to play blues and rock music in popular music bands. He studied classical guitar at Shenandoah Conservatory and continued his studies at Peabody Conservatory with Paul O'Dette, Roger Harmon, and Pat O'Brien. In 1978, he began to concentrate on lute, and in 1979 became a founding member of the Baltimore Consort. He began a touring career in the United States, Canada and Europe, both with the Baltimore Consort and as a soloist.

McFarlane became noted as an interpreter of Renaissance music.[1][2] From 1984-1995, he was a faculty member of the Peabody Conservatory teaching lute. In 1996, he received an honorary Doctorate of Music from Shenandoah Conservatory for his achievements as a musician and recording artist. McFarlane began composing music for the lute and working with a new ensemble called Ayreheart.[3] He has also published collections of lute music, including Scottish Lute in 1998 and Highland King: The Scottish Lute in 2003.


McFarlane made over 25 recordings for the Dorian Recordings label, including solo albums, lute performances, recordings with the Baltimore Consort and other selections. His solo CD Indigo Road, which featured original compositions, received a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Classical Crossover Album in 2009.


Selected compositions include:

Chamber works[edit]

  • Sycamore, for lute, flute and bass
  • Indigo Road, for lute
  • Cathedral Cave, for lute, flute, bass and percussion
  • Denali, for lute
  • Overland, for lute, harp, string quartet, bass and percussion
  • Pinetops, for lute, cittern and bass
  • Blue Norther, for lute
  • Chocolate Factory, for lute and percussion
  • Rosa, for lute, harmonium, bass and percussion
  • Uncharted Waters, for lute and bass
  • Dowland's Goodnight, for lute
  • Early Christmas Morning, for lute
  • Gigue, for lute
  • Thistleheart, for lute, flute and bass
  • Over the Green Earth, for lute
  • Augusta, for lute, harp, bass and percussion
  • A Day in November, for lute and ensemble
  • Bad Hair Day, for lute, sounds and ensemble
  • Dakota Days, for lute
  • Before the Wind, for lute and ensemble
  • Man of Arms, for lute
  • On the Heath, for two lutes
  • Lullaby for Anne, for lute
  • One Morning, for lute and percussion

Vocal works[edit]

  • Borderland, song
  • Snapdragon, song
  • Wolf Summit, song
  • Union Bridge, song

Choral works[edit]

  • Nocturne, for chorus and lute
  • Sings in Her Sleep, song[4]


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