Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio

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Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio
Founder Ronnie Lane
Headquarters London, England

Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio, also known as LMS, is a mobile recording studio originally owned by Ronnie Lane.

Lane acquired the studio in 1972. It was one of the first ever mobile recording studios,[1] and consisted of a 16 track studio housed in a 26' Airstream trailer, with a Helios mixing console, Studer and Revox tape machines, and Tannoy monitoring. The studio was built by audio engineer Ron Nevison.[2][3]

After he left The Faces in 1973, Lane based the studio on his farm, Fishpool, in the hamlet of Hyssington, near Churchstoke, in Powys, Wales. There he used the studio to record his first solo album Anymore for Anymore (1974). He also used the studio to record One for the Road (1976), and an image of the mobile recording studio is featured on the album cover.[4]

Sold in 1982, since then it has been used exclusively with private clients. The studio underwent a major overhaul in 2009, with the owners launching a vinyl label called LMS Vinyl.[5][6]

Albums recorded with LMS[edit]

In addition to using the studio himself, Lane leased it to numerous other artists for their own recordings, including:[7]


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