Ronnie Woodson

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Ronnie Woodson
Doctors character
Portrayed by Seán Gleeson
Duration 2003-09
First appearance 17 January 2003
Last appearance 27 March 2009
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Lawyer

Ronnie Woodson is a fictional character in the BBC soap opera Doctors, played by Seán Gleeson. He made his first appearance on 17 January 2003, and departed on 27 March 2009.


Ronnie is the husband of The Mill's Georgina "George" Woodson (Stirling Gallacher). An experienced Lawyer, Ronnie is often seen tied up in his work with his clients but is as committed to his family as much as he is to his job. In 2006 he became a father to baby Bracken. Although initially he was against the idea of having children when Bracken was born, Ronnie settled into fatherhood. George had become pregnant by coming off the pill without Ronnie's knowledge. After Ronnie had been offered and accepted a job in Shanghai, he, George and Bracken moved to China, their final appearance being on March 27, 2009.

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