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Ronson tank

The Ronson system was a flamethrower for vehicle mounting developed in World War II and used by the Canadian Army and the United States Marine Corps.

The Ronson was developed by the British Petroleum Warfare Department in 1940.[1] Having insufficient range it was passed over for British use but taken up by the Canadians for further work. The Ronson was sufficiently developed in time to be used for production of the "Wasp MkIIC" flamethrower variant of the Universal Carrier.

From there it came to the attention of the United States and was adopted as the Satan. The United States used an M4 Sherman tank adapted with a Navy Mark 1 flamethrower, which was a development of the Ronson by the United States Navy.[2] These tanks were used in the Battle of Iwo Jima and during Operation Overlord. The Navy Mark I was also used on the Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT(4).

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