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Authentic German 3.2mm RooR with ice notches and a RooR spiral nebula bowl

RooR (stylized as ROOЯ) is a Frankenthal-based company that produces high-end borosilicate ground glass joint bongs. It was founded 1995 by Martin Birzle, a German glass-blower.[citation needed]


RooR offers a wide range of products, the cornerstone of which are their bongs. They offer straight tube bongs, as well as beaker bottoms. They come in thicknesses as small as 2mm up to 9mm. RooR also offers a multitude of customization options to their standard bongs, as well as various collaboration pieces. They also offer other products, such as steamrollers, pocket pipes, and other accessories.


RooR is a widely popular bong to counterfeit. Beginning in 2013, RooR took legal action against stores in Florida, California, and New York which they accused of selling counterfeit RooR products.[1]


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