Roodeplaat Research Laboratories

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Roodeplaat Research Laboratories
Country South Africa
Elevation 863 m (2,831 ft)
Prominence 348 m (1,142 ft)
Coordinates 25°36′54″S 28°21′55″E / 25.61500°S 28.36528°E / -25.61500; 28.36528Coordinates: 25°36′54″S 28°21′55″E / 25.61500°S 28.36528°E / -25.61500; 28.36528

Roodeplaat Research Laboratories (RRL) (Afrikaans: Roodeplaat Navorsings Laboratoriums) was a front company established in 1983 by the South African Defence Force to research, test and produce biological weapons within a covert operation known as Project Coast.[1]

The Agricultural Research Council - Plant Protection Research Institute is now situated on this location.

Other SADF front organizations[edit]