Roof Butte

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Roof Butte
Roof Butte is located in Arizona
Roof Butte
Roof Butte
Location in Arizona near the New Mexico border
Highest point
Elevation9,787 ft (2,983 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence3,140 ft (960 m) [2]
Coordinates36°27′41″N 109°05′47″W / 36.461408697°N 109.096319086°W / 36.461408697; -109.096319086Coordinates: 36°27′41″N 109°05′47″W / 36.461408697°N 109.096319086°W / 36.461408697; -109.096319086[1]
LocationNavajo Nation, Apache County, Arizona, U.S.
Parent rangeChuska Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Roof Butte
Easiest routeIndian Route 68

Roof Butte (Navajo: Adáá dikʼá "Roof shaped mountain on the run") is a peak in the Chuska Mountains in Arizona, United States. Roof Butte is the highest peak of the Chuska Mountains which run in a north-northwest direction across the Arizona-New Mexico border. Roof Butte is a visible butte for miles around. The butte has an elevation of 9,787 feet (2,983 m). A manned-lookout tower is located on Roof Butte. Two funnel shaped explosion volcanic pipes formed the flattish summit of Roof Butte, and a low lava dome caps one nearby peak.

Access to the Navajo Nation requires a permit.[3]


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