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RookChat is an open source programming project and RinkWorks feature started by Samuel Stoddard to create a featureful and configurable HTTP/CGI chat room engine. Its features include, as of the 2.1 release:

  • Users may create rooms as they wish, either public or private, with either moderated or unmoderated discussion.
  • Four administrative levels to allow the owner fine-tuned control over the powers of individuals.
  • A variety of administrative commands, from the normal quieting, kicking, and banning to the more unusual shrinking, possessing, and turning into a moron (filtering all of the user's public messages with the Dialectizer, another RinkWorks feature).
  • Message filtering is available for censoring vulgarities in public messages.
  • Multi-lingual support, for the automated chat room messages. Currently supported are: American and British English, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Latin, Babelfish Japanese, and the two joke English "dialects" Hick and Pirate.
  • Private messages, viewable by the recipient both in your current room and others.
  • Memos, stored private messages.
  • A range of resources for the automation of memo lists. (Similar to mailing lists.)
  • Automatic transcript recording and storage for all users.
  • Automated password recovery by E-mail.
  • Graphical smilies.
  • Bots, chat robots that host games; currently, there are AcroBot, Buzzword, Chat Bingo, Country Quiz, Kick-a-Mole, MatchBot, Math Race, Quiz Blitz, Snag, State Quiz, and Whack-a-Mole (all described here.)
  • Dice rolling for any number of dice, each with any number of sides.
  • Unit conversion between Imperial and Metric, as well as within those systems (such as feet to inches).

RookChat v1.0 was released on August 5, 2003.

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