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The Spirit of Adventure heads a train past the station

Rookwood railway station is a request stop on the 15 in (381 mm) gauge Perrygrove Railway. The railway was opened in 1996 and is a heritage railway. There is a footpath into the woods around the line from the halt.[1]

A passing loop was laid in September 2011, allowing a 20-minute interval service at busy times. In July 2013 a siding was laid off the loop to allow access to a newly turfed area for "marquee" events.

Preceding station Heritage Railways  Heritage railways Following station
Perrygrove   Perrygrove Railway   Heywood


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Coordinates: 51°47′06″N 2°36′46″W / 51.78494°N 2.61267°W / 51.78494; -2.61267