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Room For Love is a chick lit novel by American author Andrea Meyer. The book was inspired by an article the author wrote for the New York Post and brings together two New York City obsessions: love and real estate.


Jacquie Stuart has just turned 32 and she wants to do a major rewrite on her life. Her salary at a snarky film magazine barely covers her mortgage, her bratty sister has staked permanent claim to her couch, her best friend is in an obscenely happy marriage, and the only guy who really gets her is gay. Worst of all, she keeps falling for broke, self-involved commitment-phobes. In a moment of brilliance (and financial desperation) Jacquie takes a break from celebrity interviews to pitch a wild idea to an editor at a glossy women’s magazine: What would happen if she answered “Roommate Wanted” ads as a ploy to meet men? She would have intimate access to countless single guys. And as a potential roommate, she could unearth all the insights that usually stay buried on a first date: what books he reads, whether he cleans the bathroom sink, whose picture adorns his nightstand. Why, it’s untapped man market genius! And so it is that Jacquie embarks on a hunt designed to find way more than a place to hang her fabulous wardrobe. After colorful near-misses that bring her into the slums of the East Village, the brownstones of Brooklyn, and the dingier digs of the Upper East Side, Jacquie thinks she's finally found her dream guy and stuns her friends by moving out of her beloved apartment—and into his. Complications ensue that force her to question the shaky foundations of the bed she has made for herself. Jacquie’s been looking for love in other people’s homes all over town, but could the key to her happiness lie under her own roof?

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