Roombia truncata

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Roombia truncata
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Hacrobia
(unranked): Cryptista
Order: Katablepharida
Genus: Roombia
Okamoto et al. 2009
Species: R. truncata
Binomial name
Roombia truncata
Okamoto et al. 2009

Roombia truncata is a species of katablepharids, which are heterotrophic single-celled organisms.[1]

It was the first katablepharid to be generally available in cell culture, starting around 2009. The culture consists of Roombia, the diatom Navicula, and unidentified bacteria. Navicula provides the main food source for Roombia, although Roombia also feeds on the bacteria.[1]

Roombia was named after the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.[1]


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