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Roopnagar is a village in erstwhile Udaipur state in Rajasthan. It is situated on the summit of the Aravallis, between the Desuri and Someshwar passes. Steep and precipitous hill-sides render the village unapproachable from the north and east. It is defended by outworks overlooking the plains and the Desuri pass on the west and south. Founded about 1772 by Thakur Veeramdeo, it is the principal seat of Solankis in Mewar, and is one of Greater 32 Nobles of Mewar court. The site was chosen solely for defence of the Pass of Desuri and Someshwar. There is no cultivation belonging to the town, nor is any revenue derived from it. Thakur of Roopnagar held the jagir of 84 villages on both sides of the Aravalli Range.

Presently the owner of this fort resides in Udaipur. Late Th. Vijay Sigh Solanki's daughter. There are no more siblings except for her. Late Th.vijay Singh solanki's brother Late Th.laxman singh solanki and Late Th. Pratap singh solanki's family resides in roonagar till date.

Coordinates: 25°16′59″N 73°38′0″E / 25.28306°N 73.63333°E / 25.28306; 73.63333