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This is a list of public middle schools in Oakland, California, current and former, including charter schools. The schools are administered by the Oakland Unified School District.

  • Alliance Academy
  • Ascend Middle School
  • Barack Obama Academy
  • Bret Harte Middle School (established 1930) [1]
  • Claremont Middle School
  • Cole Middle School
  • Coliseum College Prep Academy (6-12)
  • Community Day Middle School
  • East Bay Innovation Academy
  • Edna M. Brewer Middle School
  • Elmhurst Community Prep
  • Explore Middle School
  • Frick Middle School
  • Alexander Hamilton Junior High School Oakland, CA
  • James Madison Middle School
  • KIPP Bridge College Prep/West Oakland Middle School
  • KIZMET Academy/West Oakland Middle School (formerly Lowell Middle School)
  • Melrose Leadership Academy
  • Montera Middle School[2]
  • Peralta Creek Middle School
  • Roosevelt Middle School (formerly Roosevelt High School)
  • ROOTS International Academy
  • United for Success Academy[3]
  • Urban Promise Academy
  • Verdese Carter Middle School campus of Oakland International High School
  • Westlake Middle School[4]
  • Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, demolished in the 1970s; Verdese Carter Middle School built on the site

Charter schools[edit]


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