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For the racehorse, see Rooster Booster (horse).

Rooster Booster is an American energy drink. It is sold at convenience stores including Quiktrip and Road Ranger. It is also available as Rooster Booster Lite. Rooster Booster is part of a line of drinks that also includes Donkey Kick, Dr. Dogg, and Ram Jam.

Rooster Booster is also the name for a range of Electronic Ignition Systems made by Rooster Ignitions in the United Kingdom. They produce universal and custom ignition modules for Classic Vehicles and Motorcycles. The Range includes the Rooster Booster Junior for small Flywheel Magneto fired engines and the RB1 which is a points assisted transistorised Electronic Ignition module for most other petrol engines. They also make modules for vehicles with two or more sets of contact breakers. This company sells systems worldwide.

Rooster Booster is also a line of poultry vitamin supplements.

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