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Rooster Teeth Games
IndustryVideo games
FoundedAustin, Texas (2017)
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California
Key people
Michael Hadwin, Director of Games
Alan Abdine, SVP of Business Development
David Eddings, Head of Game Publishing
OwnerWarner Media
ParentRooster Teeth (Otter Media)

Rooster Teeth Games is a video game developer, publisher and distributor based in Austin, Texas, serving as Rooster Teeth's video game division. It is focused on "bridging the gap between independent game developers and the worldwide community of gamers."[1]


Rooster Teeth Games was officially launched January 25, 2017. The aim is to help indie-developers gain exposure through Rooster Teeth’s large fan-base by developing games on all platforms for their community.[2] The announcement was received positively, with The Mary Sue calling it, "a perfect fit" given the company's "upstart background" starting with Red vs. Blue.[3]

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is a traditional hack and slash single and multiplayer game that uses chain combos and is based on the popular anime RWBY.[4] It was originally developed in 2014 by a fan, Jordan Scott, in celebration of Rooster Teeth's anniversary.[5] At RTX 2014, Rooster Teeth announced that they had hired Scott, and officially picked up the game. Rooster Teeth CEO Matt Hullum stated, "RWBY is a natural choice for us to focus on for our first in-house produced video game. Fans can expect that we will bring the same level of originality in action, comedy and design to the video game that has made the RWBY animated series such a hit."[6][7] RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was a bestseller when it was released on Steam in the summer of 2016 and is a top-10 seller on PS4 and Xbox One.[8] They were awarded Best Video Game Studio/Developer 2014 by The Austin Chronicle for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse.[9]

In early 2017, Rooster Teeth Games had become a game publisher for independent games in addition to its video game development.[10] In June 2017 it was announced David Eddings had joined as its head of game publishing.[11] On September 27, 2017, Rooster Teeth Games announced a Kickstarter campaign for its first official board game, also based on RWBY, titled RWBY: Combat Ready in collaboration with Arcane Wonders. The campaign successfully reached its goal within days.[12]

Its next game, Vicious Circle, described as a "uncooperative shooter" will be released in August 2019.[13]

List of games developed and/or published[edit]

Video games[edit]

Year Title Platform Genre Developer Publisher Additional note(s)
2016 RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Hack and Slash Rooster Teeth Games Rooster Teeth Games Originally a fan made RWBY game that was later officially picked up by Rooster Teeth.
2016 Super Rad Raygun[14] Microsoft Windows 2D Sidescroller Tru Fun Entertainment Rooster Teeth Games Publisher only.
2017 Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars[15] Microsoft Windows Top-down shooter Invisible Collective Rooster Teeth Games Publisher only.
2018 Bendy and the Ink Machine[16] PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Episodic survival horror Kindly Beast (under the banner Joey Drew Studios) Rooster Teeth Games Publisher only.
2018 RWBY: Amity Arena[17] Android Action NHN Entertainment. BaobabNet Rooster Teeth Games Publisher only.
2019 RWBY Deckbuilding Game[18] Microsoft Windows, Android Virtual Collectible Card Game 80Arcade Rooster Teeth Games Publisher only.
2019 RWBY: Crystal Quest[19] Android Puzzle EGLS Technology, Crunchyroll Games Rooster Teeth Games Publisher only.
2019 Vicious Circle[20] Microsoft Windows Uncooperative multiplayer shooter Rooster Teeth Games Rooster Teeth Games Title was announced on Rooster Teeth Podcast Episode 526.

Board games[edit]

Year Title Players Developer Additional note(s)
2016 Million Dollars, But... The Game[21] 2-6 Rooster Teeth Games Based on Million Dollars, But...
2018 RWBY: Combat Ready[22] 2-4 Rooster Teeth Games
Arcane Wonders
Based on RWBY.
2018 Achievement Hunter Heist[23][24] 2-4 Rooster Teeth Games Based on Achievement Hunter.


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