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A root is the part of a plant that is below ground.

Root or roots may also refer to:


  • Root directory, the first or top-most directory in a hierarchy
  • Root node, the node in a tree data structure from which every other node is accessible
  • Root process, the top-most process in a process hierarchy
  • Root user or superuser, a user on Unix-like systems, usually with full administrative privileges
    • Android rooting, a process of giving root user access to a device running the Android operating system
  • /root, the Unix superuser's home directory in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • Rootkit, malicious software designed to hide or obscure the fact that a system has been compromised
  • ROOT, an object-oriented multipurpose data analysis package
  • Root domain, or DNS root zone, the top level of the hierarchy for a DNS system
  • ROOTS (software), a series of genealogy programs



United States[edit]


  • Root (linguistics), the core form of a word
  • Triliteral or triconsonantal root, in Semitic languages a root containing a sequence of three consonants






  • "The Root", a song by D'Angelo, on the 2000 album Voodoo
  • "Roots" (song), by the band Spunge on their 2002 album The Story So Far
  • "Roots", a song on the Show of Hands album Witness, released in 2006
  • "Root", a song by Deftones on the album Adrenaline
  • "Roots and Branches (Meant To Be Alone)", by This Wild Life on the album Clouded


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