Rootok Island

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Rootok Island is located in Alaska
Rootok Island
Location in Alaska

Rootok Island (also called Aektok, Aiaktak, Ouektock, Aiaiepta, Veniaminof, or Goloi (alt: Goly;[1] Russian: родила – "bare") is the smallest member of the Krenitzin Islands, a subgroup of the Fox Islands in the eastern Aleutian Islands in Alaska, United States. The island's common spelling of Rooktok appears to have arisen from Aektok.[2] Deviations in compass readings of up to 3 degrees from normal have been observed off the island's north-western side.[3] The island was set aside to house a lighthouse on January 4, 1901; though no navigation aids were ever constructed.[2] The island is uninhabited and it is 6.3 kilometres (3.9 mi) long and 6.2 kilometres (3.9 mi) wide.


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Coordinates: 54°02′41″N 165°31′55″W / 54.04472°N 165.53194°W / 54.04472; -165.53194