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Rootvälta is a reggae band from Borlänge in the county of Dalarna, Sweden. The band was founded in 1988[1] and so far four albums have been released. The name is taken from the Swedish word Rotvälta, meaning windthrow, but spelt with double 'o', as a reference to roots.


  • Songs from the fallen tree (1994)
  • In Session (2000)
  • New Chapter (2006)
  • Homegrown (2011)

Band members[edit]

  • Mattias Björkgren (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
  • Jan Gävert (Bass, Lead and backing vocals)
  • Micael Berglund (Drums, toast)
  • Thomas Berglund (Percussion, backing vocals)
  • Jan Wikström (Keyboard)
  • Nicklas Karlsson (Lead guitar, lead & backing vocals)
  • Andreas Norén (Keyboard)


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