Ropkey Armor Museum

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Ropkey Armor Museum
M1917 Tank.jpg
Six Ton Tank M1917
Location 5649 E. 150 North
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Coordinates 40°03′33″N 86°47′48″W / 40.0592°N 86.7966°W / 40.0592; -86.7966
Type Military
Website Official website

Ropkey Armor Museum is a military history museum in Crawfordsville, Indiana.[1]

The museum is privately owned by the Ropkey family. It stems from the founder Fred Ropkey's interest in military history and his past career as a tank platoon leader in the U.S. Marine Corps during the early 1950s.[2]

The museum collection is primarily of AFVs. These range from such rarities as a First World War M1917 to a contemporary M109 self-propelled howitzer.

Other exhibits are soft-skin military vehicles, aircraft and a Vietnam war-era PBR. The aircraft include an Antonov An-2[3] and the unique Bell X-14B. This aircraft was used for early research into VTOL until it was written off in a landing accident in 1981. It is now being restored by the museum.

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