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Rory Nugent (born 1952) is an American explorer and writer. He was based out of New Bedford, Massachusetts[1] from 1988 to 2004.[2]


Nugent was born in New York. After he graduated from Williams College in 1975, he went to sea aboard freighters and canvas-fliers. He sailed solo across the Atlantic Ocean four times. His fifth crossing ended prematurely when the catamaran he was sailing capsized; he was rescued five days later.[3] In the mid-1980s, Nugent mounted solo expeditions in search of the pink-headed duck on the Brahmaputra River[4] and Mokele-mbembe in the Congo.[5] He may have seen both, but his sightings remain unconfirmed. He wrote a non-fiction book about each expedition. Nugent changed gears in 1992 to become a foreign correspondent, first for Men's Journal and then as a staff member of Spin. He left journalism in 2002 and to work on his third book.



  • The Search for the Pink-Headed Duck (Houghton Mifflin, 1991)
  • Drums along the Congo (Houghton Mifflin, 1993)
  • Down at the Docks (Pantheon Books, 2009)


  • Nugent, Rory (June 2009). "Hope floats". The Atlantic. 303 (5): 62–63. Retrieved 10 July 2013. MS Oasis of the Seas


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