Rosa 'English Miss'

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Rosa 'English Miss'
Hybrid parentage 'Dearest' × 'Sweet Repose'
Cultivar 'English Miss'
Origin Cants of Colchester, 1977

'English Miss' is a floribunda rose bred by Roger Pawsey of Cants of Colchester, England, and introduced in 1977.[1][2] It was named in honor of the raiser's three-year-old daughter Sally-Anne.[3]


The flowers are flush pink, camellia-like and emit a strong and sweet fragrance. They are often borne in large clusters in the traditional floribunda style on a medium-sized rose. 'English Miss' is repeat-flowering, starting from June and progressing through to mid-October. Its flowers can stand up to rain. 'English Miss' can tolerate exposed conditions and it has good disease resistance, especially against the common rose disease black spot.


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