Rosa 'Alain'

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Rosa 'Alain'
Rosa Alain.jpg
Genus Rosa hybrid
Hybrid parentage ('Guinée' × 'Wilhelm') × 'Orange Triumph'
Cultivar 'Alain'
Origin Francis Meilland, France, 1948

'Alain' is a popular red floribunda rose variety.

It was developed by Francis Meilland from the Meilland family of France and introduced in 1948, named for the breeders son, present-day company head Alain Meilland, a young boy at the time. The new variety won a gold medal at Geneva that year.

The bright red flowers are slightly scented and range up in 8 cm in diameter and relatively flat, which exposes the bright yellow stamens to view. Blooms occur in open clusters, up to as many as nine, throughout the season. Generally, the shrubs have glossy, dark foliage and upright, bushy form, reaching a height of 80 cm at a width of 60 cm. The cultivar is winter hardy up to -29° C (USDA zone 5).

'Alain' was developed from a cross of 'Guinee' and 'Wilhelm', in turn crossed with 'Orange Triumph'.

Delforge of Belgium introduced a climbing sport 'Climbing Alain' in 1957.


'Alain' was selected as Most Beautiful French Rose (Plus Belle Rose de France) at the Lyon Rose Trials in 1946. In 1948 another gold medal was won at the Geneva Rose Trials.