Rosa 'Angel Face'

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Rosa 'Angel Face'
Sl angelface09.JPG
Cultivar 'Angel Face'
Origin 1968

'Angel Face' is a large-flowered floribunda rose introduced in 1968 by Swim & Weeks. 'Angel Face' is a cross between ('Circus' × 'Lavender Pinocchio') × 'Sterling Silver'.[1] In certain sunlight it is possible to detect a faint silvery sheen as a hint of its parentage.[citation needed]

The fragrance of this AARS Winner is a sweet fruity scent.[citation needed] It is as appealing as its lavender colour. It has 3", lavender ruffled-edge blossoms, edged in an attractive deeper ruby, and often grow on single stems as well as in clusters.[1]

'Angel Face' is an upright, bushy plant with lustrous foliage and a neat 3-foot-tall and -wide form. It is a good rose to use as a cut flower, both for its beauty and its deep fragrance. It is a compact growing plant, and blooms abundantly. It does best in full sun and any well-drained soil. It is hardy in zones 5–9. One must take intentional precautions against insects and disease early in the growing season, for the fragrant blossoms are a favorite snack to aphids and do fall prey to rose rust.[citation needed]


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